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How does the eyelash extension?

Classic technique

The traditional Single technique, today called Classic, means that you apply only one extension lashes on to one fully grown, natural lash. With the latest singles technique you can apply several super thin single lashes around one natural lash. This technique is called Volume. As long as the lash stylist uses a technically correct application and exemplary separation along with high quality products, the Single method is totally pain free and will not damage the clients own lashes.

Volume technique

If a normal eye has 60-80 fully grown lashes you would be able to apply the same amount using the Classic technique. With Volume lashes we can apply about 400-600 lashes per eye! New opportunities opens up by forming fans using several super thin volume lashes. The result – an almost weight less, soft and full eyelash extension with maximal volume and even better durability. No wonder that the demand for Volume Lashes is about to fase out the traditional Classic technique.
Quality and Safety
We use the technology of eyelash extension, which has long been used in Europe and is safe. Your natural eyelashes will stay with you.
Your eyelashes are in complete safety only with experienced masters. Do not trust masters who do not have their portfolios and reviews.
We use only TOP-quality materials.


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