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For hair restoration and reconstruction, we use the best professional products from Brazil.
Brazilian brand owners carefully study all possible problems that may appear with hair and find ways to solve them. Any damage can now be safely repaired at any level of the hair structure. For each specific problem, you can choose the right product and solve it with confidence. For hair care we use professional cosmetics from the USA.
For recovery - Donatti, pro Salon let me be, zoom. Kerastase home care.

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What is the difference between the hair botox and keratin?
A keratin treatment is a chemical treatment that acts as a chemical straightening and smoothing remedy for your hair.
Keratin treatments work best with those that have very thick curly hair that is prone to frizz.
Getting a keratin treatment can help making everyday styling easier and more manageable.
In comparison, hair botox does not contain any chemicals.
It is a type of deep-conditioning treatment that will help your hair feel smoother and more hydrated.
It will not straighten your hair like a keratin treatment would, but it will be easier to style and maintain your look.
Hair botox works well with every type of hair.
For those who has thinner and finer hair would be better to use a hair botox treatment over keratin as it will weigh down the hair.
What precautions you need to take once the treatment is done?
Well, first three days after the keratin treatment are always critical and you need to be extra careful with your hair.
For instance, you should not wash or even slightly wet your hair, you should not tie any band or clips on your hair,
you should not put hair behind your ears, you should not brush and you just need to keep them down straight to avoid any kind of dent in your hair.
And even after three days, you should not wash your hair very frequently or rub them using towels.
How long will keratin service take?
This question is especially important if you have such treatment for the first time.
Normally it takes around 3h long while it may take longer if you have longer hair length with greater volume.
What if your hair is already colored before keratin treatment?
This question is very important if you used to color your hair frequently or planning to do so around having your keratin treatment.
Firstly, it is recommended not to color your hair after having keratin and if you really want to do it before then you should know that the keratin procedure will make your hair coulor a few tones lighter.
What is keratin and how does it work?
Keratin is basically a natural fibrous protein available in your hair to hold its structure and prevent any damage of hair.
Keratin treatment is actually the application of keratin on your hair and locking it with the help of straightening process.
How does botox for hair work?
When botox is injected into the scalp, it reduces the work of the eccrine or sweat glands.
As a result, a person may not experience such high amounts of sweat.
Botox injections can result in fewer incidences of frizz and the ability to go longer without washing the hair.
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